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 1. 2015 Regional Bowling Tournament 02-06-15  High School Bowling


 2. Murray High vs Marshall County 02-07-15   High School Basketball


 3. 2015 Independence Bank Valentines Day Shootout  02-14-15 High School Basketball


 4. Mayfield vs Graves SENIOR NIGHT  02-13-15  High School Basketball


 5. Purchase Player's Present: Willie Wonka Jr.  02-22-15   Community Theater


 6. 2015 Region 1 Tournament 03-02-15   High School Basketball


 7. Purchase Player's Present: Mama Won't Fly  04-12-15  Community Theater




 8. 2015 Graves County High School Prom 05-02-15   Community Events


 9. 2015 Murray State University Nursing Pinning Ceremony 05-08-15   Community Events


10. Region 1 Softball Tournament 05-25-15  High School Softball


11. 2015 District 7 4H Horse Show 05-31-15   Community Events


12. Purchase Player's Present: Almost, Maine  06-04-15   Community Events


13. 2015 Gateway Graduation Ceremony 06-05-15   Community Events


14. Purchase Player's Present: Charlotte's Web 06-18-15   Community Theater


15. Purchase Players Present: Harvey  07-26-15   Community Theater


16. Graves County vs Murray High JV/Varsity  08-20-15  High School Volleyball


17. Mayfield High vs Fort Campbell Varsity 08-21-15  High School Football 


18. Mayfield High vs Graves County JV/Varsity  08-24-15   High School Volleyball


19. Crosstown Classic - Murray High vs Calloway County 08-28-15   High School Football


20. Graves County vs Calloway County & Senior Night  09-30-14  High School Volleyball


21. Volley For A Cure 10-02-14  High School Volleyball


22. Mayfield High School vs Fulton County 10-17-14   High School Football


23. Wingo Elementary vs Sedalia Elementary 10-18-14  Elementary Football


24. Graves County Little League Championship Games 10-21-14  Elementary Football


25. Graves County vs Barron County 11-07-14  High School Football


26. Purchase Player's Present: The Nerd  11-09-14  Community Theater


27. Graves County vs Christian County 11-14-14  High School Football 


28. Graves County vs John Hardin 11-28-14  High School Football


29. Murray High School vs Graves County Girls Varsity 12-08-14   High School Basketball


30. Graves County vs Martin Westview Boys Varisty 12-09-14   High School Basketball


31. Graves County vs Calloway County Boys & Girls Varsity 12-12-14   High School Basketball


32. Murray State University School of Nursing Pinning Ceremony 12-12-14  Community Events


33. Graves County vs Ballard County Girls 12-15-14   High School Basketball


34. Murray High vs Marshall County  12-17-1 High School Basketball


35. 2014 Calloway County Girls Tournament 12-19-14  High School Basketball


36. 2014 Graves County Tournament 12-22-14  High School Basketball

       37. 2014 Murray High School Tournament 12-29-14  High School Basketball

38. Calloway County vs McCracken Boys Varsity 01-03-15  High School Basketball


39. Calloway County vs Mayfield Boys Varsity 01-06-15  High School Basketball


40. Calloway County vs Marshall County Varsity Boys 01-09-15  High School Basketball


41. Calloway County vs Trigg County Varsity Boys 01-13-15  High School Basketball


42. 2015 All A Classic Tournament 01-17-15  High School Basketball


43. 2015 8th Grade Regional Tournament 01-26-15   Middle School Basketball


44. Graves County vs Dresden TN  01-29-15  High School Basketball


45. Murray High School All A State Tournament 01-30-15  High School Basketball


46. Graves County vs McCracken County  01-31-15   High School Basketball


47. Murray High vs Calloway County 02-05-15  High School Basketball




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